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MINISTERS Together // 1 April
Meeting Notes

by Jude Hennessy Director, Office of Renewal and Evangelisation, Catholic Diocese of Wollongong


25+ Christian Leaders of the Illawarra

Opening Addresses from 5 Key Leaders (summary)

Ps. Scott Hanzy – (Awaken Church)

  1. We’ve been forced into a fast!

  2. Taking us back to basics – Us and God. Scripture.

  3. Warning: Lets not try to fill peoples lives  – if God is tyring to lead us into a fast.


Ps. Ian Barnett: (Figtree Anglican Church)

  1. Back to basics

  2. Realise who is in control

  3. This will lead to a new normal / people who are unchurched are open all of a sudden- searching for answers.


Bishop Peter Hayward (Anglican)

  1. The majority of St Pauls minsityr life – was while he was in prison – confined – but how much was accomplished

  2. Secular, individualsism / materialism -ar ebeing stripped away – exposing how fragile we are –not in control.

  3. it has caused a re assessment of priorities  / connecting with people eg: via facebook

  4. finances – how we can access various aspects of Govt support to support our work


Ps Paul Bartlett (Lighthouse)

  1. Church not a building it is people / Presence of God is not just Sunday Gatherings

  2. Our community is hurting – prayer is the new evangelism / Offer to pray for people – it is the language of God / speaks to people of hope / evangelises

  3. Our words matter – bring hope.  Maybe this is a time to not just put online / what we do on Sundays – reach out to the disconnected

  4. Good news re coming together to recording – just released by Govt – we can do our worship – as long as our Churches are closed.

  5. Like the oxygen mask dropping from the ceiling in your plane – fit your own first – then you can help those who are hurting.


Bishop Brian Mascord (Catholic Bishop)

  1. Quoted Romans 8:28. And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who are called according to his purpose

  2. Recognised the Holy Spirit is calling us to be Church in new ways

  3. Our guys are coming to a new place in a new way-delving into new methods – bringing unity.

  4. The Gospel doesn’t isolate, the Church doesn’t stop, prayer doesn’t stop, service and care for others doesn’t stop.

  5. Great opportunity for unity of purpose across the churches


To do’s simple reach out tools / conversations  / always have an answer as to the reasons for your hope

  1. Always be ready to give an answer when someone asks you about your hope. 1 Peter 3:15.

  2. Pray – for each other and the world / phone people and offer to pray for them

  3. An opportunity for evangelism / many people are reaching out who don’t come to Church to make meaning in this uncertainty.

  4. Good messages from Lord Mayor Wollongong and Shellharbour, encouraging Churches to do what they do so well in the community – serving – praying – bringing hope.


The address by 5 Christian Leaders was followed by small group prayer (10 minutes) then Q and A, finishing with prayer and a resolution to reconnect Coming together for another meeting Wed 15 April 4.30-5.30

(End of Meeting notes)

Q:What churches can do to help the city

Below is the answer from Mayor Saliba of the Shellharbour City Council.

  1. Continue to PRAY for our city and people in the community. 

  2. FIND out what our COMMUNITY NEEDS are and how we can help. 

  3. REACH OUT to our neighbours eg check in with them
     and whether they need assistance.
    Ask are you ok? 

    We hear so much negativity.
    Let’s focus on the things we can do.

About Together for the Illawarra

Together for the Illawarra is a collaboration of Christians in the Illawarra. It is inspired by and through a relationship built among churches and Christian leaders through many years and also Illawarra Prayer Breakfast. Together for the Illawarra is a consultation & collaborative process exploring areas of common interest, focusing on Community Engagement, Evangelism & Prayer.

To learn more about Together for the Illawarra, click here.

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